Ruth Victoria Photography | Selecting Favorites

How to Select Your Favorite Images to Your Favorites Gallery

Step 1: Select your Favorites

First you must log in or register a new client account to be able to select and access your saved favorites (please be sure to save your login ID and password for future use).  You will need to access your client gallery via your client access code or the email link I provided you.  Please feel free to contact me if you no longer have it.  To select your favorite images, enter your gallery, review your images, click on the heart icon in the upper corner on the image selected or you can simply press the "f" key on your keyboard.  you may create and name as many Favorite Sets as you like.

*Feel free to select your favorites in multiple sittings, but remember to STORE your favorites after each sitting by going to the top left corner of the site in the favorites menu.  Use the "Store" Button.

Step 2:  Send to your Photographer

When you are done selecting your favorites, go to the Favorites menu (top left corner of the site while logged in) and click on the "Send to..." button to share your Favorites with me (the photographer).  You may also add a message in the message field.  Once I receive your selected Favorites, I will create your Favorites Gallery with Favorite color images and their Black and White equivalents.  You will receive another email with your private Favorites Online Gallery and Password.

Please watch this short tutorial video for additional help.