Ruth Victoria Photography | Back to School "School of Rock" themed session

Back to School "School of Rock" themed session

September 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This is my second year doing Back to School sessions!  This year I wanted to do something fun and just a little bit out of the box.  I wanted to create an easy and inexpensive theme and thought a School Rock type theme would be not only fun for the kids, but fun for me too!  Let me tell you, we had a blast.  Every parent that inquired about Back to School pictures were told about this idea and they were all willing participants.  Both the parents and children were excited to participate.  Down to coordinating their child's clothing, down to the musical instrument they used they were fully invested and involved.  I found a pretty cool Jumbo Pencil I thought would play as a cool microphone for my daughter and some of the kids to use.  Unfortunately, my daughter didn't like the idea of sharing this cool looking "microphone" so she opted out of this group photo below.  Let me tell you I was completely bummed she refused to participate in this particular shot.  These little kiddos below are her preschool classmates of hers and the four of them are now the best of friends.  

Here is my sweet Kindergartener, Mya.  

Here is my beautiful Second Grader, Ava!  


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